Linus Gelber

New York's looming, brooding Municipal Building is a towering presence downtown. I love taking pictures of it, which means, apparently, that I also love getting yelled at by security guards. Today I shoot from across the street. Nyah nyah.

My battery display flicks over to its ominous "No Pictures for You" icon just a few minutes in on this week's Utata Thursday Walk, and so I switch it out for the secondary ... oops. Note to self: next time charge these things, rather than just thinking about charging them.

Warning icons notwithstanding, I get plenty of pictures - perhaps the camera is just overreacting. Probably it wants attention.

After the traditional start at the Municipal Building, where my most convenient train stops, I walk down the park on the shore of the Hudson River from North Cove down to Pier A, then into Battery Park where the tourist entertainment is on in full swing. It's a bright warm day with blessedly low humidity.

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