St. Ruprecht, "Mechaye Hametim"

Monika Fahrnberger & Manfred Novak

Memorial Service "Mechaye Hametim" ["He, who resurrects the dead"]:

This service is being held every year (has been held now for quite a number of years already and gathers quite a lot of public coverage in media as well) on the occasion of the return of the date of the "Reichskristallnacht" of 1938 (corrected after JJ's remark and me making sure through asking back with Manfred), when Vienna Jews' sacred places (and more) were being burned down in a first uprise of what would some time later become the worst crime to humans ever and end in places such as Mauthausen, Auschwitz and Birkenau.

The service is an act of mourning and entrusting our guilt to God as well as an act of awareness towards any hints of similar tendencies that might arise again in the presence and/or future...

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