Spring is Not Far Off

Paul Crispin

Now, to many of you out there in Flickr land this might be an ordinary, maybe slightly over developed photo of Daffodils, especially considering the quality and quantity of flower pictures uploaded to Flickr every nanosecond. But to me these are special, and here are the reasons why you will enjoy this photo:
A. I'm not a flower power photographer
B. You don't normally see wild daff's in our neck of the woods
C. There should have been 6 daff's but I slipped down the side of the hill and crushed one
D. I was freezing and now wet and muddy.
E. My tripod was 100 MTS further down the now mountain (well it is if you have to clamber down and fetch it)
F. My bloody battery light was blinking at me again (I need a new one).
G. I haven't got an all singing all dancing MACRO lens (vital flower power accessory); so had to focus by moving (slipping) manually in and out (Houdini would have been proud of me).
H. I took ONE bleeding photo and the camera said NO (I've been here before).
The dog loved this bit
I. As I clambered up the North face of the Matterhorn, I grabbed, what I thought was a healthy mature branch, only to hear it snap with a clarity that echoed through the forest startling every living thing within miles. I then proceeded to join my tripod, slowed only by the thoughtful planting of new sprigs by the forester; which incidentally, just happen to fit perfectly between your legs.
Looking like I had just survived the 1st world war without having a bath; I finally got back to the summit, only to discover that my brand new shutter release cable was no longer attached to the camera. And may it rest in peace cus' I aint getting it. Oh and my computer froze when I uploaded the photo's from the camera.
But the main reason this ordinary Daffodil photo is special to me;
J. Because it means that SPRING IS NOT FAR OFF. so enjoy. 'Spring is Not Far Off' On Black

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