the red bicycle

Shari DeAngelo

My son loved this toy bicycle. It went through dirt, sand, grass and mud puddles. It sat upon the top of the sliding board as if it would go, no matter what, if he asked it to. He never did ask it to though. It stayed at the top, as the great gravity experiments pursued. It was only a witness. As was I.

My son has long since stopped playing with toys and yet, this bike still sits upon his shelf with barely a scratch.

I'm sure he no longer notices this toy, or love it like he once did. Life changes. He'll be leaving home in a couple months and will go on learning life's lessons without it. These are lessons he does not need a toy to comfort him, or a mother to witness. He has new loves and lessons in store for him.

Funny though, it's me who loves this red bicycle now.

[UPDATE] My son is off at college now and this bike sits just below my monitor on my desk. :-)

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