Approach to an Ambush

Linus Gelber

Rebel assault team Babel advances slowly toward the standing Imperial AT-ST, working carefully through the dense foliage of the jungle forests of Cobble Hill Park. It's much easier when there's a Jedi as part of the team.

This picture was taken for the weekend Toys project of the Utata photo tribe. Can I just say how much I felt the lunatic, carefully posing my little spaceships and the like in the grass of the park down the way. And then, as if that weren't bad enough, taking macro pictures of them.

This is not a good way to meet girls.

I don't buy sci-fi toys for the most part, but a local liquidator had a run of unwanted Star Wars and Star Trek miniature toys on sale at 99 cents per box of three, and I couldn't resist. Most of them are still in the wrapping. In any case, this All-Terrain Scout Transport model got to go outside for the first time this afternoon.

This walker is maybe an inch and a half tall. Note atmospheric use of fake tilt-shift blurring.

This picture has been spotted as high as #89 in the Flickr daily Interestingness charts.

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