Borg to be Wild

Linus Gelber

Even a daring plunge through the corona of a nearby yellow star does not shake off the relentless pursuit of the massive Borg cube, which closes to assimilate an outgunned, outrun Ferengi D'Kora-class Marauder starship.

This is an image for the Utata photo tribe's weekend Toys project. Most of my toys are either computer things or digital media of some kind, but you know, the DVD collection isn't exactly toy stuff. I round up my few odds and ends and bring them out to the park, where I shoot them in the grass or, as in this case, on a hat on the grass (black background, see) for later cloning in Photoshop.

I don't buy sci-fi toys for the most part, but a local liquidator had a run of unwanted Star Wars and Star Trek miniatures on sale at 99 cents per box of three a few years ago, and I couldn't resist. Most of them are still in the wrapping. The Borg Collective cube and the Ferengi ship haven't ever been outside before, and now this project is done it's not likely they'll ever go again.

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