Marie M.

Spidey must be one of my favorite comics. It's definitely the one which gave me an idea there was something else beyond Tintin ...

In this little piece,
come and learn how spiderman once saved the life of Maggie the Cow!

Spidey 'n Maggie

Maggie was having a good time in Central Park
Eating some of that rich city grass
Never aware of the danger nearby in the dark
Well hidden in those tall building of glass ...

For Green Goblin was looking for some new leather
To mend its ugly gloomy suit
Before riding downtown to perform new murder
With nobody able to chase or pursuit ...

But here comes the great Manhattan hero
From skyscrapper, in his red and blue glory
To high trees, he saves Maggie
Defeating once again the greenish CEO

This is spiderman !!!!

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