Gulam admires the finished flight

Robert Harper

Gulam from Afganistan had never seen a flight before and was surprised when I demonstrated it to him, and it flew 50 meters. I gave it to one of the Kurdish boys who saw its flight and was excited by the speed and trajectory.

Before I gave it to him I said he had to give it a name. He called it the rocket that flew over the allotments. I then threw it again as hard as I could and told him if you find it it is yours. It flew even better and landed in some long grass. He scampered after it and found it and was well pleased.

My father made a flight for me and he had learnt it from my grandfather who had been in Argentina. He asked me to name it and I called it the rocket that flew over the River Afton, and when he threw it , it soared so high in such a wonderful arc it took my breath away. It was better than a bow and arrow.

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