The lowdown on a frog strangler

Thiophene_ Guy

I was walking downtown during a heavy downpour (e.g., a frog strangler). The rain splashed so heavily that a low perspective saw only a white band of water, seeming to float just above the street surface.

The title was suggested by Ken Lunders in a comment on another image.

Technical Details
Auto ISO, -0.3EV, and F4.0 apeture were selected to encourage faster shutter speed (1/80s) on this not-so-fully-manual camera. Straightening, cropping, and color balancing were followed by contrast enhancement, using Topaz Restyle to partially replace (blend) the color palette with one from a high contrast, cross-processed Kodak Elite chrome image I admire.

Added as the archival image for For Utata's weekend project "Weather" July 2-15, 2016.

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