Utata Wizardry

First, Greg started the Harry Potter and... thread and got the discussion going. Then, Brittney decided that Greg looked like Sirius Black and we had a discussion about other Harry Potter look-a-likes. Well, today is the launch of the final book in the Harry Potter series. Children (and, be honest, adults) are waiting anxiously for their first look into the last book, to find out what really happens to Harry and his crew. In a little while, we're heading down to our local shop, where, at 11:01am (85 minutes from now), we'll get our hands on the book. So what better weekend project could there be than "Utata Wizardry". Here's your chance to make a photo on the theme of Harry Potter. Whether you recreate a scene from one of the books, dress up as your favourite character, or do a still life about wizardry, it's time to whip out your wand and conjure up your wizard (or witch) skills.
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