Kim Denise

For the Utata project, "What Would U(tata) Do?" This is my version of the original image by Ryan Brenizer (Carpe Icthus).

Looks best on black.

My process (sort of):

I loved the way the various elements--the stripes on the flag, the upraised arm, the angles of the heads--direct the eye around the original image, so I rotated slightly and cropped to emphasize this effect.

Copied the figures and pasted them onto my own sky. Changed it to horizontal format so the negative space would lend drama to the figures. Manipulated the sky layer so the clouds give a slight "halo" effect.

Added several pattern layers and a solid color layer, masking and adjusting opacity to emphasize compositional elements and lend depth, as the original was shot in rather flat light.

Adjusted levels and contrast.

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