Utata API Documention

This is some very quick, rough and ready documentation on the Utata API. I promise I'll improve this Real Soon Now.

Before we begin: The Utata API is an experimental service currently in development. It is subject to change and backwards compatibility is not guaranteed. No service levels are promised or implied, and the service may be suspended indefinitely at any time at Utata's discretion. Use of the API is requires our permission. If you want to use it, please ask.

The API is closely modelled on the Flickr API. If you're at all familiar with the Flickr API, then the Utata API will be a piece of cake. To use it, you need an API Key. To get a key, email me, explaining how you intend to use it.

Only REST is supported. No SOAP, no XML-RPC. That's not likely to change in the forseeable future.

The API infrastructure is pretty much complete. Only a few methods are currently implemented, but adding new methods should be pretty straightforward. Let me know if you have suggestions for new API methods.

All calls go to the REST endpoint at http://www.utata.org/services/rest, with parameters being passed in the query string.

The following parameters are mandatory:

This is your Utata API Key
This is the name of the method you wish to call.

Some methods will require additional parameters.

Available Methods

The following methods are currently implemented:

Retrieve a list of currently active projects.
Retrieve details of the most recently created project
Retrieve a list of photos in the specified project

Parameters: tag - the tag for the project

I haven't got around to documenting the response structures yet, but they are pretty self-explanatory. To see them, simply build the URL for a request in the address bar of your browser and observe the output.


Here are a couple of examples:


<rsp stat="ok"> <projects> <project id="16" tag="beammeuputata" name="Beam Me Up Utata" /> <project id="28" tag="intheshadowutata" name="In the Shadow" /> <project id="116" tag="kidtata" name="Kidtata" /> <project id="57" tag="techtata01A" name="" /> <project id="58" tag="techtata01B" name="" /> <project id="69" tag="techtata0201" name="" /> <project id="70" tag="techtata0202" name="" /> </projects> </rsp>



<rsp stat="ok"> <items tag="beammeuputata" count="314"> <item id="31599835" title="Late bloomer" owner="" realname="Adrian Gibbs" /> <item id="2598019" title="Mounting forces" owner="" realname="Adrian Gibbs" /> <item id="89566370" title="Drinks come free" owner="" realname="Adrian Gibbs" /> <item id="88737709" title="Drinks come free" owner="" realname="Adrian Gibbs" /> <item id="3996072" title="Icy finger of death" owner="" realname="Adrian Gibbs" /> <item id="71084478" title="Quincy Adams" owner="" realname="Alex Howell" /> </items> </rsp>



If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me, David Wilkinson, at operations@utata.org.