Operations Manager, David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson has been working in the IT industry for over twenty years, spending much of that time promoting the use of the Internet as a serious commercial tool. Pioneering innovative uses of Internet technologies, he was responsible for some of the very first e-commerce sites to be built and was creating dynamic content and performing session tracking long before Netscape invented the cookie. Currently, he spends his days as an independent consultant, working with both small companies and large blue chip organisations, helping them figure out how to solve all those really difficult problems.

In between the hours spent at his computer, he tries to get out and about with his camera. He started taking photographs as a child – once, when he was twelve and on the first day of his seaside holiday, he blew almost all of his spending money on a 110 pocket camera and had to beg ice-creams off his parents for the rest of the week. He went on to dabble, on and off, with a variety of cameras over the years, but it is the advent of the digital SLR that has properly rekindled his interest in photography and he has now forever forsaken the darkroom in favour of Photoshop.

As Utata’s architect, David’s expertise with the flickr API is both theoretical and practical and he shares a a generous amount of his knowledge in a book he is authoring entitled Flickr Mashups. This guide to building applications with the flickr API will be released by Wiley/WROX in January 2007. You can read more about the book (and David) here.

He lives in a small English village in rural Northamptonshire with his wife, three extremely lazy cats and a couple of chickens.