Managing Editor, Greg Fallis

Greg Fallis has one of those checkered pasts you hear so much about. He served as a medic in the military, was employed as a counselor in the psychiatric/security unit of a prison for women, worked for several years as a private detective specializing in criminal defense, and taught criminology and sociology at universities in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Now he’s a writer who has published several books and numerous short stories. He teaches both introductory and advanced Mystery Fiction for the Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

Greg shares blog writing duties with Catherine and is the fellow whose editorial gate one must pass to be published in the Articles section of Utata. If you see something clever on one of Utata’s menus or blurbs or project descriptions, chances are Greg wrote it. He’s the go-to guy when we want something said well. Greg runs a weekly “Sunday Salon” on the forum, works closely with members to prepare written work for publication and finds time to participate in the forum whenever an interesting snow disk, water or chair thread arises.