Code Monkey, Mark Menzies

Mark was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and was set for a Scottish upbringing until his parents moved to Birmingham, England when he was 6 months old. Although his father is a successful architect running his own practice, Mark decided to follow a career in IT. After graduating in 1995 with a degree in Computing Information Systems he worked for a number of companies before setting up his own IT business in 2003.

Mark always dreamt of creating art using digital means, but unfortunately never made it to the hallowed gates of Pixar or Lucasfilm. Photography became a perfect way for him to express his creativity. It exercised artistic talents that were realised during an education focused on the arts before his technical degree. Having photographs published in web based travel guides, calendars, book covers and the front cover of Masa Acher Magazine (the Hebrew equivalent of National Geographic) has spurred his enthusiasm for photography and flickr where his work was discovered.

At Utata, Mark helps with the technical aspects, supporting David Wilkinson wherever possible. He has also used resource from his business to help with visual design and layouts at

Mark still lives near Birmingham and is married with a son who keeps him very busy.