Utata Moderator/Project Coordinator, Patrick Lentz

Patrick Lentz is a photographer and artist, whose accent reveals that he’s from the North Shore area of Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Creative from an early age, Patrick spent his childhood drawing, painting, taking pictures with his 110 camera, and just making all kinds of stuff in general.

Patrick attended the Art Institute of Boston where he majored in Fine Art and Illustration. Always interested in photography as a hobby, Patrick eventually went to work for a high-end Boston wedding photographer where he managed his studio for ten years. Patrick’s dream of doing professional photography on his own came true when he eventually got his own studio in the Beacon Hill area of Boston where he shoots aspiring actors and models, portraits of all kinds, and specializes in male nudes.

In the late spring and summer months, Patrick spends his weekends photographing softball games as the official photographer of the Beantown Softball League in Boston.