Utata Moderator / Project Coordinator, Sam Turner

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Sam Turner

Until very recently, Sam Turner was a teenager with a healthy disregard for mortality, responsibility and prudence. A series of carefully unplanned events has led to him having a family, a house and an age starting with the number four.

Sam grew up in Lancashire, studied mathematics in Glasgow and then some more mathematics in Birmingham. He is now a confirmed nerd with certificates on his bathroom wall formally declaring his nerdship. Some of them in Latin. Sam works for a technology consultancy in Cambridge solving problems of varying importance to the human race, mostly involving radios. His office contains an actual machine that goes ping. Sam has owned several beards and moustaches. The most recent is a beard of convenience enabling him to shave five minutes from his morning routine that can instead be used to pretend to be a dinosaur or scrape porridge off the kitchen wall. Sam’s main Utata responsibilities involve thread wrangling, pedantry and the occasional FAQ