Utata Member Services – Terms of Use

By creating a member page on Utata you agree to abide by the terms of service as described below. Failure to comply may, at the sole discretion of senior Utata staff, result in the termination of your membership.

Basic Terms

1. You must be a member of and comply with all flickr.com terms of service.

2. You must be a member of and comply with all of the guidelines of the Flickr Utata Group .

3. You must authenticate Utata with your flickr account to have a member page and participate in projects.This is a security measure for our mutual protection.

Violation of any of these individual agreements may result in the termination of your Utata membership.

General Conditions

1. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Utata service and/or site for any reason, without notice at any time.  Any significant modification will be announced in the Flickr Utata forum.

2. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

3. All member photos used on Utata remain stored on flickr. Utata uses the flickr API to display them on our pages; at no time do we download copies of the photographs. Utata is not responsible for the misappropriation or misuse of flickr-stored photographs by any other third party.


Copyright and Right To Publish

Utata makes no copyright claim on images displayed on its site. We exercise a revocable “right to publish” photographs which are approved for our use by members . Approval is considered given by the member through one of the following means:

1. Placement in the Utata Flickr Group Pool

2. Placement inside a thread in the Utata Flickr Group Discussion Forum

3. Tagging with a Utata specific and specified project tag

4. Direct submission by email

Removing Images From Utata

Members may withdraw approval for Utata to use their photographs at any time by one of the following appropriate means:

1. If they were taken from the group pool: removing them from the Utata Flickr Group Pool and sending an email to Utata, requesting removal.

2. If they were used from a group thread: removing them from any threads in the Utata Flickr Group Forum and sending an email to Utata, requesting removal.

3. If they were tagged for a project: removing any Utata specific tags from them.

4. In the case of blogged photographs (those appearing on the Utata front page) and photographs submitted via email, an email request will be required before the photograph is removed.

A reasonable delay should be expected for our system to fully clear any untagged or removed photos.


Utata will not display any private photographs except those specifically tagged, placed in the Utata pool or otherwise submitted directly to us by some other means. We will not disclose the email addresses or any flickr account information of any member for any reason whatsoever without prior consent.

Flickr Authentication

In order to contribute or engage in Utata projects and have a member page, you must authorize us to access your public account information and photographs via the Flickr API . This permits us to access the Flickr-stored information required to identify you. It is how we ensure that Utata never uses any photography which it is not specifically authorized to use. It is a security measure in place for our mutual protection.

Unless it has specific member permission to do otherwise, Utata will only access member information for the purposes of publication (projects, articles, Front Page, etc.) on the Utata site (www.utata.org). The access is limited strictly to Utata and will never be shared with any other entity.