Is Utata Licensing My Photos?

Not at all. We’re showing them for you.

Think of us like a gallery. Your gallery. Or, in more familiar terms, agents.

You put things into the Utata pool or tag them with Utata tags and we show them off for you. We don’t own them or have any rights to them whatsoever except for what you give us on a moment-by-moment basis.

It’s a marvelous two door system and this is the foyer.

By way of flickr you control completely what we can and can’t use.

By way of member pages we control who can submit and by way of tags we control what you can submit.

Nifty, huh? In fact, if you’re a geeky person with a general interest in sociology and technology, that’s VERY nifty.

We get a cool site for the public to view and you get promotion and a place to stretch those photographic muscles. It’s all good.

The fine print on our submissions page says this:

“Submitting photographs to does NOT cause you to relinquish any rights or control over your photographs. They are still displayed under whatever license you have set up at flickr. By using your photographs, Utata .org is neither licensing them nor buying them; we are simply helping you promote them.”

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