farm in the late afternoon

Jody Miller makes it so easy.

Take this farm in Joseph, Oregon. It’s in a wide landscape – you see the landscape but you can’t miss the farmhouse, even though it’s a tiny building in a huge landscape.¬† You just know it’s there even before it registers in that part of the brain reserved for farms in the late afternoon.

And you can feel the curve of the stubborn hills, even though your feet have never walked upon them. You know each lump and bump that is modelled by the late afternoon sun.

You can feel the tang of metal against skin, even though you have never ripped a sleeve on the barb-wired fence. And your legs feel damp even  though you have not walked amongst the sprinklers in the fertile flat field.

You have not felt the warmth of this late afternoon sun, nor felt chilled by the passing clouds. But because Jody makes it so easy, one glance is enough to convince yourself you could have been there.

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