5 continue to get older
Mary Jane 2040

There is nothing you can do. You can’t wrap them in cotton wool – that won’t work. You can’t hold back the turning of the tide – Canute tried that and we all know how it ended. This five, like all of us, continue to get older.

They grow up, they learn, they each become their own person — though in truth they always were and you always knew that one’s aversion to cauliflower and another’s to the hot summer sun wasn’t inherited from you or their father.  They’ve always been their own, you just had care of them for a while.

They get older, they live their lives. You collect memories with each and every wing-tipped photo. The sofa gets moved outside. Time passes.

We all get older.

If we’re lucky, with each photo, each passing year or few years, we keep on learning, we keep on growing.

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