a touch of green
wild goose chase

Some folk declare that the raw beauty of a landscape can never be improved on. Those people – and I am one of them – will point to wild skyscapes just before a storm; glistening grasses drooping with the weight of a morning mist; lush meadows exploding with wild flowers; mountain crags decked with snow; smooth mirrored sand at the beach around low tide.

I understand my own bias when I assert that these people are completely correct. It is inconceivable to imagine improving the splendour of a natural landscape. Nothing and no one can. And yet…

…we have changed landscapes throughout history by chopping forests for firewood; ploughing grasslands for crops; creating towns that nestle in creases and folds. So it is only a small step for Fiona, who creates still lives in landscapes, to add to that landscape by lining up stones to echo a mountain range, and adding a scrap of dead wood that points to a reflected patch of green.

It’s what we are programmed to do, we cut down, we build up, we add and we take away.

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