The blessing [Sant’Antonio Abate #5]
Un ragazzo chiamato Bi

I’m not a person of faith, nor was I raised in any of the great traditions; but the Blessing of the Animals cracks my heathen heart wide open. I’m sure there are spiritual nuances behind it that I’m not aware of, and maybe some that I’d disagree with. All the same, I love the idea of welcoming animal companions into the human rituals that nourish us. I love the thought of a stranger touching a pet’s furry head and wishing them a long, happy life, just because.

I’ve never attended such a service, but I envision it very much like this— with bright color and tousled fur, with movement and wiggly joy. There is laughter in so many faces. What better way to share this life than to embrace the chaos that binds one moment to another? What better way to tell the story, years hence, when we remember the ones who’ve walked so far with us and slept in our arms along the way?

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