365 2022

For 860 straight Thursdays, the eclectic collective of Utata have gone out walking, in cites and small towns and rural countrysides, on sunny days and in the rain and through the snow, in the morning or over lunch or after work, collecting ordinary moments like magpies.

Diners, bean fields, dancers, corner markets, autumn trees, families walking, ponds, libraries, cyclists, finches, pickup trucks, fences, baseball diamonds, ice skaters, stray cats, tidal pools, nuns shopping, broken tree limbs in Sweden, doorways, sailboats, rain, patches of weeds, mallards, shop window reflections, shadows, cheeseburgers, cemeteries, orb spiders, piles of sand, stone barns, clotheslines, stop signs, mannequins, old men reading newspapers on park benches.

Eight hundred and sixty Thursdays. Every single Thursday since April 19, 2006. What will YOU be doing on Thursday? Me, I’ll be walking.

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