Highway 407

This is not Wakanda. This gleaming new transit station is not for maglev trains run on vibranium. This is not in the urban heart of Wakanda this is in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. While the rest of the world went to see the Black Panther movie, Stephanie went to see the Toronto Transit Commissions’s new Highway 407 station.

Wakanda has no cars, unless you count the holograms remotely driven on the streets of distant countries. It has no personal vehicles whatsoever, unless you count armoured rhinoceroses.┬áToronto has quite a few cars, and the GTA suburbs have plenty more. It’s hard convincing folk that a car journey isn’t always necessary. Sometimes it feels like Toronto’s underground system is there purely so that our young folk can go forth into the world and marvel at subways with more than a handful of lines. “It has a nice font” is probably the best compliment I’ve heard Toronto’s subway receive to date.

After all is said and done, it pleases me to connect our new subway stop, named for an adjacent highway, with an efficient maglev transit in a fantasy carless city. This is not Wakanda, but a gleaming new subway station to reduce car commuters feels like a good step towards Wakandan mass transit. Obviously we need some vibranium, and I could probably use a pet rhinoceros.

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