Cris DD

Come closer.

Don’t be afraid.

I’m a boy. Just a regular boy.

I could be your son, or your neighbour’s son. You might have met me last weekend at football training. Remember? Or was I with your daughter in the school library. Either way, there’s something familiar, something intriguing about my face.

That’s it – come closer, I promise I won’t bite. I won’t pull you into a grisly embrace. I’m alone here in the dark. If you put your arms around me to comfort me I promise not to stab you in the back.

You can stand right next to me – I won’t prey on you. I couldn’t be your worst nightmare come true, now could I? I would never spring to life and put my hands around your neck. I promise I’d never, ever choke the life from you.

Don’t be afraid, I am just a boy.

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