Everyone’s looking for a toe hold

They say that out of tiny acorns, great oaks grow.

But this is no mighty oak. This is no spreading sycamore tree.

This tiny plant may never be labelled magnificent in later life. It may be ordinary, or just happy — if tiny plants like this have enough xylem and phloem to make them happy — simply to cling on. It may never produce enough chlorophyll to turn a more vibrant shade of green. Its autumn colours may not be spectacular, and it may not even last a hard winter.

But everyone’s looking for a toe hold, and when you get it you never know… this tiny plant may yet outlive majestic oaks and splendid sycamores. It may ebb and flow with the tides of a thousand years. It may outlast the skeletal structure of the pier, making its own magic in the last rays of the Mississippi evening sun.

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