from the ‘Dwell’ series
Lisa Toboz

It’s Polaroid Week again — the annual celebration of instant photography. This, to me, is the most pure form of photography. Why? Because it’s simple. Down at the bone, it’s simple. And here’s a true thing: simplicity is the direct heart of elegance. That’s true in mathematics, in engineering, in design, in nature, in art, in music, in love, in everything that matters.

Lisa Toboz demonstrates that truth. She’s been demonstrating it for years. We see it here in this simple, elegant, subtle but exquisite photograph. You can look at this photograph through any lens you’d like — through the lens of mathematics, of engineering, of design, of nature, of art, of music, of love — and it remains simple and elegant and achingly beautiful.

Take simplicity, add light. Polaroid Week.

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