Up and Down

Most of us take walking for granted throughout the great middle wodge of our lives. Somewhere, somewhen, as an infant, you take a few wobbly doddery steps and everyone makes such a crazy great fandango out of it. Then for ages it’s just one foot in front of another, step after step, day after day, year after year. Unless of course you break your ankle playing backyard ice hockey, or slice up your instep stomping on broken glass at Notting Hill Carnaval, or get pin-cushioned as you tread on a sea urchin in the Pacific surf. These times will make you re-evaluate the worth of walking; as so you should.

For one day you will walk old. It might start with hip replacements and a stick, in time might progress to a device with wheels and a basket for your alarm button. Is it called a walker? Let’s call it Jeremy instead. It will be a helpful device to lean upon, and Jeremy sounds like a really helpful name.

I wonder, how can we Utatans have fitted 500 Thursday walks into that wodge of walking years, it seems an impossibly huge number of photographers walking the world.  I am so very glad we have. Through each other’s lenses we have seen places we might never visit. We’ve seen Scandinavian trees and Cumbrian sheep, today we can see this Thursday stairwell, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA. Let’s keep on walking up and down too, the Jeremy years will sneak up ever so fast.

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