I love it when a photo tells a story. But I love it even more when a photo doesn’t tell the whole story.

What we know is this: there’s a sense of morning here, with warm tones and gentle, flaring light. From this beautiful vantage point, we can almost smell the soil and feel the chill of the air.

What we don’t know is how these oranges scattered on the path. Maybe the answer is mundane: someone tripped and dropped them on the way home from the grocery, sighed, and kept walking. Or maybe it’s something strange. Maybe a mysterious Pied Piper came to town and lured all of the citrus fruit out into the night, where it bumped along until dawn.

Or maybe, given the decay on the rightmost orange, something sinister is at work here. Maybe someone dashed out and flung this fruit in a breathless hurry, trying to rid themselves of a curse.

We just don’t know.

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