break the rules: off focus

In today’s installment we offer you a sneak preview of the next Big Project, in which we invite our tribe to break rules.

Most of us are not the sort to care much for rules, anyway. We’re writers and artists, for crying out loud, and lovers and fighters and thinkers and loafers. But it’s been argued that rules exist for a reason: they give some shape to things. And, perhaps even more importantly, to the negative space around them.

I admire Emil for choosing the “off focus” category. I’m delighted by the shifting state he’s captured here; I want to follow those feet anywhere I can, just to watch them move. I don’t care one whit where they’re going. Sometimes a shadow and a blur bring you joy simply by existing, and by being seen by the right person.


(Note: The Big Project will be published in about a week. Oh, I do hope you’ll visit and browse!)

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