Greatness Happening
c. Melon Images

As I admire this scene, it’s almost as if I can sense the very thickness of the air. There’s wondrous texture wherever we look — the light on the little girl’s cheeks, the pattern of her coat — and who knows what greatness was erupting from her right then? Who knows what compelled her?

It could be argued that a truly great photograph tells a story. But for me, there’s yet more satisfaction in the suggestion of a story, mere hints of something that might have happened immediately before or after. There’s a delicious frustration in not knowing the answers. I don’t know this girl, but in the exquisite moment captured here she is every kid, every brave kid. She could tell any number of stories, or sing any number of songs. Her voice would ring out into the distance, clear and bold, and all of us would listen.

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