Happy hour?
Moochin Photoman

A pint, please, and I’ll have it outside, thank you very much, there’s a good man.

Yeah, of course I know what the weather’s like outside. Didn’t I just come inside from outside, which is where they’re keeping the weather these days.

Cold? Course it’s cold. It’s the end of November, isn’t it. It’s not what you’d call bitter, but cold, sure. Cold, and wet as well. But it’s quiet outside, and it’s quiet I’m after. Quiet and a pint.

No, I’m not wanting anything warm to eat. I’m not wanting anything to eat at all, It’s a pint I’m after, is all. It’s nothing against you or your beef, barley and veg soup, which I’m sure is grand and would make your mam proud, but I’m only looking for a pint and a bit of quiet, so if you’d be so kind…?

Ah, thanks for that. A hundred thousand of them, the thanks and all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be out back with the weather and the quiet, thinking about sunshine and the warm lazy ladies of Spain.

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