At the bus stop
O Caritas

You may never know all the stories captured within this frame. You’ll never get to hear about the guy hurrying to the work he hates, late because he was up last night celebrating the offer of a dream job.  Of the couple who are torn between joy and fear about how they’ll manage when the new baby comes.

Or the students worrying about exams they should have revised for with more care and less attention to YouTube and Snapchat. Or the woman fretting over how to tell an old friend goodbye because she can’t bear to spend another evening on nothing more than memories of the good old days. You can’t possibly know about the man who at this moment doesn’t care that his cleaning job barely pays the bills – because just last night he held his one and only grandson for the very first time.

You won’t know their names or hear them laugh or cry. But you can see the swerve and curve of their every day lives as they navigate their way through the day. You grab a moment – this window into their lives – before the bus arrives and carries them on their way.

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