Aye right
Moochin Photoman

Think about all that had to happen for you to see this moment.

There had to be your screen, be it on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a monitor. There had to be factories, plastics and metals, people who mined, built and designed. There is the tech sustaining that window, then folk who write ever evolving languages of code, endless miles of cables carrying terabytes of information. Give thanks for them all.

There was someone in Belfast who decided that this municipal park fence should be painted acid yellow with┬áblinding blue accents and so offset the emerald grass; I am especially grateful to that colourful soul. It’s a fair bet that the man who decided to wear a blue sweater is another, entirely unrelated, Belfast resident, but if it was indeed he who chose those paint colours, then I am doubly indebted.

Let us not forget the city council who decided on a NO DOGS bylaw for this particular spot. I can also find it in my heart to feel good about them.

Which brings us to the photographer John Baucher; the first among us to see this scene, to have a camera with him, to take his shot and make my day. For you sir, I am truly thankful.

But all of the above would have been as nothing, had it not been for that glorious, noble rebel of a mongrel, sitting right there, bold as brass, just as John walked past. Please consider all that had to happen for us to see this picture, for truly, it is the mutt’s nuts.




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