Big Project 2010


People move through the world differently at night. Some develop a swagger, some become furtive, some get sexy, some turn wary and keep to the light. The curtain goes up—or perhaps it goes down—and we're all acting on a different stage.


The sun goes down and the contours of the world are reshaped. City streets, suburban homes, farm houses, country fields, woodlands—they each wear a different face in the dark.


We don't experience the dark—we experience the light. At night we live in a world of bright neon, of gauzy moonlight, of cozy incandescent lamps, of harsh high pressure sodium streetlights. Different sorts of light give us a different view of the world.


Night is personal. However we feel about it, we're always a wee bit alone after the sun goes down. And in that solitary darkness we can dance like dorks. We can be free to express ourselves more freely—and here's our chance.