Jordan, before & after

Utata Goes Mobile - Big Project, shot with iPhone 4.
Every day's a good hair day!
Full set

Every day's a good hair day!

Utata'ing with some of my coworkers.
Fabulous before, fabulous after...

The idea started at the end of a work meeting with the three of us, when we realized we were severely in need of a fresh haircut. We agreed to get it done over the week-end and document the effort, taking advantage of colorful pieces of wall around the office, because why not, hein?

Then the quest for more participants started, and others joined in. Anyone committed to have a haircut / hairstyle change within the project deadline could jump on board -- creative alternatives were accepted when haircut schedules would not match.

Using a phone to take the pictures made the whole thing easy and non-invasive, people dropping by when they had two minutes for a quick, spontaneous snap. It rapidly became a fun celebration of the summer, team spirit, and everyone's uniqueness!