Dreams I Might Have Had

meeting the boson

Chaos door's weren't opened. I wasn't dreaming, nor anyone was.
We started to live in awake nightmare, beyond imagination. Days of darkness. Darkness of the Light. It took long to realise that darkness was raising among us. Not in the normal sense but in the pure Dark Energy.
First Dark Energy was a mystery. The energy responsible for the expansion of the Universe. Thanks to LHC's experiment it reached out our dimension.
Our excitement in 2008 was directed to the Large Hadron Collider. It should bring out to Humanity the God particle or the Boson from Higgs. A particle never observed before yet fundamental to explain modern Physics. They thought they were aware of the consequences that experiment might bring up. As always the urge to create a little Black Hole was bigger them any collateral consequence. Wasn't wonderful for the first time be able to play in God's Field? All worth for the experiment never done before. And now many of the mysteries of Life and Creation was enlightened. Pitty that some parts of the experiment acquired own life. A colateral effect? Who would talk what might be colateral in that times. Days. Nights.
Dark shadows. Jumping in and out at Life's Train. Again and again. Never fading away.
Anyone could stop it.
Anyone would stop them!