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cold tea blues

Reading, it’s been said, gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are. The uncomplicated pleasure of immersing yourself in a good story is one that can be enjoyed at any age, under almost any circumstance, in almost any location. It’s a totally absorbing act; when you’re lost in a good book the telephone will go unanswered, the dog will go unwalked, and your tea will grow cold. And you won’t care.

Reading a book is like thinking with another person’s brain, like eavesdropping on another person’s thoughts. It not only takes us out of ourselves, it plants us inside somebody else…generally inside somebody who is a bit more clever than we are, a bit more brave and a bit more resourceful, a bit more charming. A bit more everything, though probably a bit less likely to be sitting and reading while the tea grows cold.

Eat, pray, love. We can all do those things. We may not be able to eat in Messina, or pray in an ashram in India, or fall in love in Bali…but we can do those things. We can do them without having to wait for a passport, without having to get immunized, without having to fuss about exchange rates. We can do them, and we will. Just as soon we pour a fresh cup of tea and finish this next chapter.

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