wild goose chase


The Beatles never explain why she came in through the bathroom window or how a silver spoon protected her — or what it protected her from. Harry Chapin was no better; just what was the cat in the cradle doing with the silver spoon? How did the Man in the Moon figure into it? And was it the same silver spoon that accompanied the Beatles’ mystery woman through the bathroom window? Nobody ever tells you which dish ran away with the spoon. A saucer? Soup bowl? Was it a dinner plate? I suspect the spoon itself was silver — but nobody will confirm or deny.

Why the secrecy?

It makes you appreciate the honest simplicity of these humble wooden spoons. There’s nothing enigmatic about them, nothing ambiguous, nothing furtive or inscrutable. They’re just common, ordinary, work-a-day wooden spoons. Spoons you can trust, spoons you could introduce to your vicar, spoon that…wait.

Why are they holding stones?

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