Kobe the Small

Well, doesn’t he look like a cheerful, clever little fellow? Yes, he does. He looks like the sort of dog you’d want to sit down with and share a beer. He’d ask you about your day, and regardless of how dull it was, he’d listen with authentic interest. “Oh? You went to the office and did a work thing? How marvelous! Such an adventure!” And if you asked after his day, he’d be delighted to tell you about it. “Went for a walk, I did, and saw something…not sure what it was, but it had the most astonishing stink to it, so I rolled in it for a bit…glorious. Later I barked at the tea kettle…completely without manners, that kettle…until somebody came and turned it on its head, and that shut it right up. Then a nap.”

If you follow the link (you should follow the link) and read a bit about Kobe (you should read about Kobe) you’ll find the wee fellow hasn’t had the most pleasant life. And yet, look at him. Look at that face. Look at him jouncing along, chipper and happy. And how’d that happen?

Good people, that’s how it happened. Good people came along and offered to love him and he agreed, then loved them right back. And I’ll bet you five American dollars if you sat down with Kobe and shared a beer with him, he’d tell you all about it. And then you’d love him too.

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