blue rainbow

Today we will reclaim the word twilight from the domain of sparkly teen vampires. It is an elegant word and it deserves better. Twilight is less brusque and brutal than duskmore enigmatic than day-break. The sun is below the horizon and  sunlight is diffused, scattered by the atmosphere, made magical. The time between light and darkness has earned its poetic name. So look at this picture and give thanks for the twilight.

The French use the phrase entre chien et loup to describe this time. Is it because twilight was when Messieurs’ eyes played tricks and they could not see the differences between dogs and wolves, or could it be that daylight is tame and placid, while dark night has unknown savage danger. At twilight this strawberry sangria becomes a jewelled potion, the shadows on the tabletop shimmer.

Divorce the word from your memories of sad-eyed Kristin and glistening Robert. I’m sure they’d both be happy to forget the saga, we should too. This blue rainbow is twilight, and it is beautiful.


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