You’re may be looking at this photograph and asking yourself: Is this a Victoria Crown Pigeon or just a common Western Crown Pigeon? If so, let me just remind you to check your non-pigeon privilege.

For decades Victoria Crown Pigeons and Western Crown Pigeons have had to deal with that question, and they’re pretty fed up with it. VCPs are indignant that anybody could mistake their obviously superior crowns for that of the more common bird, and WCPs are understandably annoyed when people mistake them for puffed up aristo-pigeons who’ve never done a lick of work in their entire lives. And both VCPs and WCPs have had it up to here with ignorant people who claim ‘They all look alike.” Clearly, that’s not true; WCPs have a less distinct wing-bar.

So do try to be sensitive. If, for some reason, the pigeon’s wing-bar isn’t clearly visible, it’s always acceptable to make a soft hoota-hoota-hoota-hoota-hoota sound of welcoming and solidarity. Both WCPs and VCPs are, after all, tolerant pigeons.

NOTE: Do NOT under any circumstance make a deep hoota-hoota-hoota-hoota-hoota sound. That’s just for mating, and would be wildly inappropriate.

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