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Limmatschwimmen (10)

She didn’t need to say anything, Sophie could have told Lisa that he was no good. There was something dangerous in his eyes the very first time she met him. Sophie always made sure to look away whenever she came across the two of them together.

She reminds herself to give a sigh of surprise as they float down the river, Lisa letting the tears out in flows hidden by dark sunglasses, masked by the lapping of the water while her tears dry from the heat of the summer sun.

No point in telling her best friend that some secret part inside wished he’d chosen her. No consolation to know that Sophie had seen him only a week ago running across the square, holding hands with another girl. That she’d felt that touch of him only too briefly. She knew how difficult it was to let him go, even though she’d always known she could never hold onto him.

She’ll never tell her best friend any of this.

She watches the palm of her best friend’s hand reach out, demonstrating the slap she gave him when she found out how long he’d been cheating on her. Later, alone at home she allows herself to feel the sting of the blow that was meant for her.

She’d never tell. She always knew they were destined to let him go.

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