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Shutting Down

Here’s a thing my momma taught me: always say goodbye. Always. If your loved one is going to work, say goodbye before they walk out the door. If you’re making a quick run to the local market for milk, say goodbye. If your co-worker is leaving on holiday, say goodbye. If you see your neighbor at the mailbox, even for just a moment, wave goodbye. Always say goodbye.

The world is a weird and wonderful and unpredictable place, and you shouldn’t live in fear of the fact that everybody dies. But always say goodbye. Always. You can say goodbye ten thousand times and it’ll mean “I’ll see you later.” But there will always be that one time when it actually means goodbye. When it means “I’ll never get to see you ever again, and it crushes me to think of that, and I want you to know I love and I’ll miss you and oh god I’ll miss you so much goodbye I’ll never forget you goodbye goodbye.”

This is Susan saying goodbye, hoping she’ll get the chance to say goodbye some more.

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