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As Aslan looks on

Okay, imagine this: you’ve climbed inside a wardrobe and…wait. Why would you climb inside a wardrobe? Seems an odd thing to do…but never mind. I’m sure you’ll have reasons. So you’ve climbed inside a wardrobe that turns out to be a magical portal to…well, you’re thinking Narnia, right? Sorry. Different wardrobe. This one is a magical portal to East Belfast.

I know. Don’t blame me. I didn’t tell you to climb inside the wardrobe. But here you are, at the intersection of the Connswater and Comber Greenways in Belfast, as a commuter turboprop is about to land. Instead of bumbling into a faun who invites you to tea, you’re looking over the shoulders of some workmen, who’ve got a death grip on some ropes. They’re grunting and straining and pulling like madmen, trying to…well, that’s best left to the imagination, isn’t it. I mean, it’s probably just something mundane, right? But hey, you just went through a magical wardrobe, and even if it dropped you in East Belfast, that ‘magical’ business opens up some pretty interesting possibilities.

Okay, it ain’t Narnia. But c’mon, something is happening here, and whatever it is, it’s sure as hell more interesting than what’s going on in the back of your wardrobe.

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