Waiting at Their Window

  1. Early yesterday morning a white, male, child, between the ages of two and three years old, attempted to pull off a fiendish bank heist at my local ATM. I was too smart for him. I know that type. They look like butter would not melt, but they actually have no ethical boundaries whatsoever. That incident has nothing to do with this photograph, I just wanted you to know that I am not one to be hoodwinked by cuteness.
  2. Santa always looks the same; white beard, red suit, traditional footwear. So why photograph Santa’s parade when you could photograph his fans?
  3. The same day that I saw this photograph, my kid asked how I’d feel if she painted a personal version of a Renaissance masterpiece on her bedroom ceiling. So it was pure chance that I made the connection between Raphael and these Toronto cherubim. The two in the middle have mastered the poses. The kid on the right needs to work on his expression.
  4. It occurs to me that given a decade, a more indulgent diet, and the right red outfit, Jeff could make an excellent substitute for Santa.
  5. Imagine the pictures Santa could shoot.

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