“I know.. I know” she said

When we get to G for Gothic in our personal encyclopedia, it is a surprisingly tricky entry to edit. We worldly folk all know that Gothic means different things depending on the circumstances of its use. In architecture Gothic might refer to a cathedral from the mid to late Middle Ages. Notre Dame is Gothic, but then, so too is its Hunchback, I hear you cry. Gargoyles are absolutely Gothic. If we were to get all pedantic we could argue that Gothic refers primarily to an obsolete East Germanic language spoken by the Goths.  Of course, those were not the same dark-eyed Goths who puddled through the rainy streets of Northern English towns, in the late eighties, dressed in black, and swaying to Bauhaus, (no, not the Weimar era Bauhaus silly, the Peter Murphy band).  It would be correct to include Mary Shelley and her monster, also Edgar Allen Poe and his raven. We could possibly even argue that the idea of ghosts draped in sheets is Gothic. Architecture, literature, language, rock music, fashion; the list keeps expanding .

This however, might just be, the first recorded image of a Gothic, spotty, Dalmatian dog. It definitely deserves inclusion.

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