It’s Tupac.

I mean, no, obviously this isn’t Tupac Shakur. But it kinda is. This is Tupac if Tupac was an old woman in Israel. This is a classic Tupac posture, a classic Tupac attitude. This is di shtelung fun Tupak.

Never turn your back on the game
I’ll be lettin’ off shots ’til the shit change
I live the Thug Life!

Do not mess with this woman. She’ll cut you. And it won’t be her fault. You don’t want to get yourself cut, just leave her alone. She’ll be content to sit there on that bench, minding her own business, keeping herself to herself. So you just keep on walking.

The only way I’ve been practicing my whole life, to live my life is to be responsible for what I do. And yes, I am gonna say that I’m a thug, that’s because I came from the gutter and I’m still here!

She’s still here. I don’t know where she came from, but my guess is she walked a long, tough path to make it to that bench.  She’s earned the right to sit there.

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