What we see here are dreys. Dreys in the Parc de Balzac in Angers, France. I don’t know the French term for ‘drey’, although I’m going to guess it’s drey. Only, you know, with a French accent. The French term for ‘squirrel’ is écureuil, which when pronounced aloud sounds suspiciously similar to ‘squirrel’. Squirrels, of course, are the agile, bushy-tailed, tree-dwelling rodents that live in dreys. Or, if you’re French, dreys.

Why are they called dreys? Nobody knows. Etymologists inform us the term came into being at some point in the 17th century, but they insist its origin is either obscure or unknown. I suspect those etymologists who claim the origin of ‘drey’ is obscure are simply reluctant to admit they have no idea at all where the term comes from. The French term for ‘etymologist’ is ‘étymologiste‘. No, really, it is.

Anyway, these are the dreys of the Parc de Balzac in Angers. Pretty, aren’t they.

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