Once again we must return to the clawed subject of naming cats. It has come to our attention, in recent weeks, that a study of 78 different felines, with different lifestyles, showed that cats are indeed capable of recognising their names. If this tells you that your cat chooses to ignore you, then that is not really news.

I was already sure that cats knew their names and indeed mine use several AKA’s. Edward keeps it simple; Edouard, Eddie, Ed the Mooch. His territory extends as far as the pub and humans of varying pedigree will shout hello to him, from their decks and their stoops as he stalks by. Vincent tailors his names to the generations, he is Fosbury Flop to gregarious seniors, but Buttercup to a solitary child. This cat in this picture, I would be tempted to call this cat Nipper, because it brings to mind the painting of Nipper the HMV dog.

Of course if Nipper had been a cat then he wouldn’t have bothered looking into the gramophone trumpet to hear his master’s voice. Remember they know their names, they select when to listen.

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