Blackfriars, London


The old London Bridge was demolished It was the only bridge which served as more than a crossing. It is the one you might remember from old etchings, it had dwellings and a church.


Lotte Reiniger released her groundbreaking animation “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”.


Blackfriars Bridge Railway Station was opened for use, it has entrances both North and South of the Thames. There’s another Blackfriars  Bridge for cars and pedestrian use. I imagine there are means in place to stop folks who might have confused the two from getting hurt.


…you might be wondering where Prince Achmed fits into this history of Thames bridges but here we have Malcolm taking a photograph of the station which spans a river, and any fan of Lotte Reiniger would see the style connection between their two artworks.

In 2017, the station won a Major Station of the Year award at the National Rail Awards, but Prince Achmed had a flying horse which was obviously far more efficient than Network South East Railways.

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