beach evenings

Years ago I was a licensed private investigator specializing in criminal defense. A case took me to Nantucket during the off-season. I’d arranged to meet a small time drug dealer on the Straight Wharf in the early evening. My client was accused of armed robbery; his alibi was that he was buying drugs on Cape Cod at the time of the robbery. My job was to find witnesses who could corroborate the alibi and try to convince them to testify.

The forlorn beauty of this photo drew me directly back to that moment and that life. There’s something seductive about being out on your own, alone at night, on a mission, when all the decent people are at home eating dinner or going to bed. I miss that life sometimes, probably in the same way an ex-junkie misses heroin — you know it’s bad for you, you know you’re better off without it, but you still miss it.

This is what a good photograph can do to you.

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