wild goose chase


If you are reading this then the odds are that you know what it is that makes this this. You know about that guy whose foot is forever floating above the puddle, or the man on the bicycle who swerved with the lines of the street. You know there is always this moment, when everything is perfectly framed, this decisive moment when the picture is perfect and everything clicks.

As Henri himself said “Life is very fluid and there’s nothing you can do, you can’t tell the person ‘Oh please smile again, do that gesture again’ Life is once forever.” It is all about being ready to catch that moment.

If you know Fiona’s work you’ll know about the balance of her perfect compositions. You wouldn’t expect Fiona to put her trust in unpredictable men, bicycles or puddles. Honestly you wouldn’t expect her to trust a dog; but perhaps every dog is born knowing that life is once forever, thank goodness this one did. This… is a decisive moment.

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