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The field

There was a circus lion tamer, a make up artist, a veterinarian, a box of multicoloured hairsprays, then me, a camera crew and half a dozen sheep from a field somewhere close to the M25. Thus began my television career, and my first step into perpetuating the myth of ovine beauty.

Why do we film and photograph sheep? I mean look at this picture. She looks so dramatic, maybe not the sheep equivalent of Rita Hayworth in Gilda, but she could certainly co star alongside Vivien Leigh in Wuthering Heights. We know that she is not smart, we know that at best she smells like wet wool, we know that her frolicking like a spring lamb days are far behind her. Yet still we keep celebrating the chunky, wooly textures of sheep.

Also why was an amorous glance once called “making sheep’s eyes” This is a great portrait, but that is just weird.

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