A recent C.D.C. study claims that there is no such thing as Seasonal affective disorder, it showed that seasons and latitude do not affect levels of depression. It was a huge study; 34,000 adults, so I cannot help but wonder how they managed to exclude photographers from their sample group, because photographers get SAD.

We find therapies. We use daylight lamps. We switch to making lino prints, knitting or geocaching. We look back at the shots we took in summertime. We eat more chocolate and drink more liquor. We go outside and walk around with our cameras… after dark.

Or, as seen here, we go to an art gallery, preferably a bright white cube of modern space, not one of those dimly lit, windowless, Victorian shrines. We go to that bright building and find a drop of life giving red and joyously we suck it up, until we overexpose ourselves.

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