Attack of the 50 foot woman

Dear Professor Problem: Can my marriage to my cheating, lying husband be saved?

Everyone thinks that I am crazy, and recent events just make no sense to me, I find myself wandering alone in the desert. Yes, I admit I have been driven to drink, and that my visions of flaming balls and giant digits are kinda weird; but in the morning I am sober, and that untrustworthy slime-bag is still a lousy philanderer.

Yours, Nonplused Nancy

Dear Nancy,

Take a deep breath. It is time to put on your big girl boots. In your unedited letter you mention other details about your spouse which lead me to feel that this is crunch time for him. It looks like a chance has come to break free of all the restraints with which he has bound you. Allow yourself to grow as a woman. Power awaits you, so be strong.

Prof. Problem



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