dog show

Now that 2020 has been mostly cancelled, the quotidian moments of 2019 suddenly seem more precious. How many of us have reached back through last summer’s jpg files and found comfort in images of crowded city streets, busy art galleries, or even a frisbee dog show. I don’t want my words to distract from the everyday glory of this picture. All photographs capture a lost moment, a vanished shadow, and right now it would be easy to be maudlin and sentimental. And to be fair nothing much of groundbreaking importance is happening in this picture, a dog is leaping in the air, a woman is writing something on a clipboard (I like to think 9.7 for an exquisitely executed frisbee catch with double back flip). Nonetheless it is a really great, joyous, humorous photograph. Lets all remember that public gatherings (even frisbee dog shows) will happen again, and hope that wherever he/she is, this dog is being a very good boy/girl.

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