CSy (Coronaselfy)

When this is over I will go honky-tonking.
       I’m not sure what honky-tonking is,
       but I will learn.
When this is over I will go to church.
       I don’t believe in god,
       but I’d like to thank somebody or something.
When this is over I will climb a tree.
       I am afraid of heights,
       but I will claw my way to the top and shout at the sun.
When this is over I will steal an apple from a fruit stand.
       I am not a criminal,
       but I saw this once in a movie and it looked like fun.
When this is over I will buy the reddest lipstick I can find.
       I don’t wear makeup,
       but I will paint my face and kiss everybody I meet
       and tell them I love them,
       and it will be true.

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