In years to come, we’ll think of time in  phases. BC — when we went went about everyday life, mixing and mingling without being aware that it was something precious at risk of being snatched away. A chat with a neighbour over the garden wall, a stolen kiss, holding hands in the cinema, a ride on a crowded train.

There will be an intermediate phase – where kissing is forbidden, where we give our friends and neighbours the widest of berths.

We will not be able to wander our world at will, so we will do what we can. We will bake, we’ll grow plants in our gardens and on our windowsills. We will distract ourselves with a beautiful sunset while we wait for it all to be over.

And when AC comes, we will go out into the world again, and there will be another sunset just like this. There will be pairs of lampposts, isolated in the skyline but we will no longer feel alone.

And we will walk into the view, holding hands with our mothers and our brothers, and our long lost friends. And we will savour it together, as if it was the first sunset we have ever seen.

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