Have hope

Out walking today, I came across a scene like this, a message chalked outside a house. It reminded me of how in the Great Plague houses were marked with a cross on the door.

The sign I saw was a blue heart and a thank you marking the house of an NHS worker. The words were different but spirit of the message was the same.

There are those who are on the frontline – care workers, nurses, doctors, cleaners and porters, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, fruit and veg pickers, farmers, the guys who will fix my electricity supply tomorrow and those who keep the transport network running. All these and more have always been heroes, just we’ve not noticed it until now when all we can do is sit idly watching and hoping everything will be allright again in the end.

A blue heart, a rainbow, a sign that says “have hope”. These are not small, empty gestures – these are signs that however our governments are doing, how our leaders are floundering or making a mess, we are doing the right thing.

“Stay safe” instead of “see you soon”. It’s hard. But times have changed but we know what we must do.

Stay safe. Have hope.

We can do this.

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