This is the paint we used for the baby’s room, a soft not-quite-blue, like the sky over a minor league ball park. And there, that’s the paint when we remodeled the kitchen, egg yolk yellow, I never understood it but she said it was her domain and what’s a guy to do? That can, that’s the green we used on the shutters, a comfortable lima bean green. There’s the paint we used for the old barn, red as lava, it took us a week and Eddie Dale fell off his ladder and broke his arm in two places, sixteen years old, never cried. That white, yeah, bought it to paint this shed. Never opened it.

We got this new barn now. New shed too. Corrugated metal. Not the same. Never needs painting. Forty year finish warranty. Forty years. I guess that’s progress. Don’t know what else to call it. Just not the same.

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